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DomPop v. TMobile N900T – Stock TW Lollipop 5.0.1

FINALLY LOLLIPOP IS HERE FOR THE TMOBILE N900T! I am proud to present you with DomPop v.0.1.7! Before we get started I want to put these out first and foremost Thank you @g00h for letting me port and tweak Quote: I AM IN NO WAY RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR DEVICE NOR ANYTHING THAT COULD HAPPEN AS

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Setup SVN With Attached Drives on CentOS

These are the step that I took to create a SVN server using CentOS 7, while attaching drives as repositories instead of creating a monstrous system drive and importing everything there. If you follow to a “T”, you too can have the play-ground I have =) I will lay out my exact steps, including creating

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Performance Tweaks for Big WordPress Sites

Post revisions This is a weakness of WordPress. On this site there are over 30,000 revisions for the 14,000 posts. That makes the table bigger and it’s slower to search in it. WordPress users realized this three years ago. Tip #1 We backed up the the wp_posts table and then used a simple MySQL command

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PHP Image Upload Resizer

Need a good way to resize your uploaded image?   While keeping the height/width ratio? Why would you need to do this?  Well, like most of you, I did not need to keep full sized images that I upload on page, and needed a good way to create thumbnails, and resize the originals down to a

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